Construction Coordination Drawings

Construction managers and contractors alike will agree that jobsite organization is key to a successful project. Yet even with superb leadership, conflicts and obstructions can still occur among the various on-site MEP contractors.

TCG MEP's coordination drawings are designed to prevent problems before they occur.

Whether your trade is Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing, TCG MEP has the experience to produce coordination drawings that minimize the risk of any jobsite clashes.

Too Many Indians... Where's the Chief?

Every contractor has the same goal: provide quality services while retaining the best profit margin possible. Therefore, everybody comes to the same conclusion: "Get my stuff in first."

This regularly leads to issues such as:

  • Installation conflicts between contractors vying for the same space
  • Tedious redesigns and jobsite conflicts when clashes occur
  • Increased general contractor workload
  • Costly change orders

Coordinate the Designs

TCG MEP excels at providing meticulously crafted coordination drawings that bring a disjointed project together smoothly.

  • Our BIM capabilities allow us to help you communicate more effectively through Coordination Meetings and BIM Management services - allowing everyone to strive towards the same project end goal.
  • Our draftsmen are experts in MEP. We don't simply understand the drawings and software. We ensure that our draftsmen have a working knowledge of every branch of MEP.
  • We assure that our team has a solid working knowledge of your trade - we communicate and guide you to the best changes to be made when conflicts arise.

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