Raster Image to CAD Conversion

If you've had your project/building's designs scanned and saved as raster image files, then you're halfway through the Blueprint Digitization process.

How do you know if your file is a raster image? Simple, try zooming in. If your image gets increasingly pixelated the closer you get, then it's a raster image file. Or check the file extension - any file that ends in .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .img, .gem, .cit, .gif, or .png is a raster image.

Take the next step and have your digital building plans converted into intelligent CAD files that will increase their usefulness over the years to come.

What Can You Actually Do with a Raster Image?

Not much more than a physical blueprint. At least with a blueprint you can zoom in with a magnifying glass.

Raster images are considered "unintelligent" in that they relate no information other than what you read when you look at it. By converting to CAD images, you receive files that are:

  • Quickly implemented into a designer's software for future renovations
  • Cleaned of any artifacts or anomalies from scanning
  • Embedded with information that was omitted from the designs or lost to decay
  • Programmed to included CAD information that surpasses what you see - increasing their usefulness for anyone who may need them

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What We Do for You

We take simple digital scans of your designs and breathe life into them.

The process that we use doesn't rely on software to interpret your building's designs.

It takes the eyes of a skilled engineer to reproduce every line and correctly interpret important information. And our engineers are the best in the industry.

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Turn your rasterized images into smart CAD images today.

Convert your rasterized image files to smart
CAD files today! CAD files have so much to
offfer with easy enlargement, additional
information, and easy distribution.



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