BIM Management Services

Assembling a team capable of providing excellent Building Information Modeling services and providing management for that team are two very different tasks.

Your primary business objectives should always be to build up your client base and improve your services, not chores that can be easily outsourced.

Let TCG MEP take on your BIM management duties, at a fraction of the cost and often half the time.

What Our BIM Managers Have to Offer

Our BIM management services give you access to expertise that is unmatched in professionalism and experience. We benefit our clients by:

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BIM Professionalism

Bringing TCG MEP's BIM managers onto your project is the ideal option for any firm that doesn't have a well-established management team.

We provide:

  • Access to Professionalism - Our BIM management services equip you with industry best practices and expert leadership, without having to hire and train your own in-house management team.
  • Flexibility - You choose how you would like to work with us. Need a full-time BIM manager? We can help. But we also offer seasonal management services, and even project-specific employment periods.
  • Cost Effectiveness - By employing our BIM management services you stand to save significantly, and not only by hiring us solely on an as-needed basis. We've covered and paid for everything necessary to equip and train our BIM managers, so that you'll never have to.

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