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Improving Profitability for Fabricators Since 2004

Whether you operate a dedicated HVAC duct fabrication facility, or provide installation services and run your own in-house sheet metal shop, you have the same problem.

It is almost a guaranteed certainty your estimating system is costing you money. The only question is how much profit you are losing every day.

Software Alone Can't Save You

Today there are a score of software solutions for contracting and HVAC estimating, available from companies ranging from FastEST to Wendes.

At TCG MEP, we use QuoteSoft and Trimble AutoBid Mechanical. Software, however, is only part of the puzzle. Just as Photoshop does not make great photographers, estimating software alone does not make great estimators.

Training, intuition, and a deep understanding of buying situations makes all the difference.

Having accurate shop drawings does not save you from choosing the wrong purchasing unit for the job at hand. Whether you use theoretical nominal, theoretical minimum, or actual weight in the correct way, for example, can cost you more than a quarter of any hoped-for profit.

That's just the start. Even experienced HVAC estimators end up losing money when they don't have time to keep up with the latest trends and technology.

Stop bleeding profit today! Call TCG MEP at 877-600-0221. Or visit our Contact Us page.

TCG MEP Helps You Achieve Profitable Precision

It's a simple return on investment calculation.

TCG MEP is here to partner with your fabrication facility. We customize our approach and contract to each, unique situation. In the end, our services pay for themselves.

Your facility enjoys:

  • Higher Profits
  •  Increased Savings
  •  Access to Experienced Estimators and Training
  •  Demonstrated Return on Investment

How do we do this?

TCG MEP provides a range of options, one of which is right for you:

  •  By providing more cost-effective Mechanical Estimating Services than many of our competitors, including in-house solutions.
  •  By training your team to be as good as ours in their own estimating department.
  •  By helping you develop your own sales and estimating teams quickly and affordably.
  •  By providing CAD, BIM, and other high-end modeling services
  •  Reducing errors across the board to save money, time, and aggravation.

Partnering with TCG MEP offers the highest return on investment by keeping your operation on the cutting edge of Duct Estimating and HVAC Pipe Estimating now and in the years ahead.

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