Shop Drawings That Communicate

No matter what MEP trade you deal in, you know that having precision shop drawings at the beginning of a job is vital for a successful build.

TCG MEP provides technical drawing services that simplify every stage of the installation process. Our drawings communicate the right information, every time.

Technical Drawing Services - Benefits of Accuracy

The entire installation process is aided significantly when your shop drawings are well prepared. Your technical drawings should:

  • Show the fabricators the precise fixtures to produce, eliminating field alterations
  • Eliminate unnecessary parts and custom fabrications
  • Detail to your employees what goes where and any special considerations
  • Create a visual for the architects, engineers and coordination specialists to easily resolve conflicts through coordination meetings.

To achieve a clean job, your shop drawings must be accurate. A clean job requires a team that's armed with the best tools and experience in the industry.

To learn more about what having precision shop drawings prepared by TCG MEP can do for your projects, call us at 877-600-0221 or contact us today!

Why TCG MEP's Shop Drawings?

We specialize in preparing coordination drawings, a service that naturally exercises our team's ability to think ahead.

These skills carry on into our shop drawings in many ways:

  • Our draftsmen don't stay behind the drafting table. We make sure that our team has working knowledge of all MEP trades.
  • We analyze all the project's construction drawings, specs and addendums on a deeper level, minimizing the chance of collisions.

In comparison with the costs of assembling an in-house technical drafting team, TCG MEP's technical drawing services are a viable, cost-effective solution for any MEP contractor.

Call us or contact us today at 877-600-0221 to discover for yourself why TCG MEP is an industry leader in providing accurate shop drawings.



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