Piping & Ductwork Hanger Drawings

How much time does it take your team to plot out MEP installation hanger positions? If your time is spent fumbling with tape measures and Shop Drawings, then the answer is too long.

TCG MEP's Hanger Drawings provide you and your project the efficiency and accuracy needed when placing ductwork and piping hangers, saving you time, frustration, and money.

Why Have Hanger Drawings Made?

Every hour counts when your team is onsite, so why do things the old fashioned way when you could be saving money on the installation?

Through the use of laser total stations, MEP contractors are able to save hours on determining where hangers need to be positioned.

  • At TCG MEP, we have processes in place that allow us to efficiently plot out hanger drawings that can be fully trusted.
  • By providing you with the necessary digital files, we make it simple to upload the drawings into automated total stations, which point out hanger positions by laser.
  • With TCG MEP's hanger drawings, the time it takes you to lay out your mechanical or plumbing hangers is bottlenecked only by your staff's ability to wield a spray can.

To discover more about what our hanger drawing services can do for your next installation, call TCG MEP today at 877-600-0221, or fill out our convenient contact form!




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