Does Your Equipment Pad Layout Facilitate Growth?

A successful building design not only meets the client's current requirements, it anticipates and allows for future expansion.

Planning a facility's equipment pad layout is a process that involves the consideration of many vital factors, some of which can be easily overlooked.

Easy Access - Design for Maintenance, Replacement, and Growth

At TCG MEP, we know Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing equipment. We understand what elements require frequent servicing, and which devices are likely to be replaced within a facility's lifetime. This allows us to produce equipment pad designs that:

  • Incorporate the optimum orientation and proximity for each component, facilitating ease-of-access for service and maintenance workers
  • Plan for future alterations through piping and equipment layouts that enable easy expansions and replacements

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Practical Equipment Pad Layouts

There are many factors affecting equipment pad design - three of which TCG MEP sets aside for increased scrutiny and a special focus:


With outdoor industrial equipment comes a critical set of concerns, including:

  • Ensuring proper airflow for heat dissipation
  • Accounting for proximity to vehicle traffic and potential collisions
  • Properly guarding against hazardous material leaks


Your equipment pad is simply a continuation of your facility's MEP system. A working knowledge of material transfer and flow is important for:

  • Producing the minimal amount of strain on pumping equipment, due to resistance from excessive angles & bends
  • Orienting equipment to reduce unnecessarily long piping runs, thus creating a more efficient system


Employing the latest modeling software, we save you valuable resources by calculating an equipment pad layout that will reduce overall material use and installation time.

Additionally, we orient the pad layout so that you save significantly on man-hours. Future replacements, expansions, and repairs will be that much easier on the technicians and on your bottom line.

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Equipment Pad layout by TCG MEP.

Equipment pads are the literal base of
your mechanical rooms' functionality.
We plan our pads to not only incorporate
your planned systems, but to facilitate for
growth as well.



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