Block Out Drawings & Sleeve Drawings

Quality Block Out Drawings show cement, steel and masonry contractors precisely where to leave floor/ceiling cutouts for the various MEP systems that bring your building to life.

Likewise, accurate sleeve drawings are critical - making sure that the holes left between walls are sized and positioned correctly for piping and ductwork installation.

The quality of your block out and sleeve drawings dictates how smoothly the rest of your MEP installations go. Let TCG MEP help you by providing accurate drawings with the smallest chance of error.

The Importance of Accurate Planning

No matter what trade you serve, the day on which the cement trucks arrive is the day that your plans are literally set in stone.

Construction coordination gets much more complicated when you realize that there's a block wall where an HVAC duct should be.

  • Mistakes leading to block drilling & block cutting introduces costs that can cripple the project budget
  • Flaws in the block out/sleeve drawings can keep job sites at a standstill for days
  • Cutting concrete comes with a series of health and safety risks, for which organizations like OSHA require oversight and strict protocol

By combining careful coordination and BIM modeling, TCG MEP creates block out and sleeve drawings that make the entire process easier.

To learn more about the importance of well-designed block out & sleeve drawings, contact us today or call TCG MEP at 877-600-0221.

How We Do It

  • Expertise in coordination services has taught us to always look ahead for potential issues.
  • We scrutinize your coordination and shop drawings, taking note of every possible situation that will require design changes.
  • We create block out and sleeve drawings that will present the minimal risk of having to drill or cut any concrete after pouring.

To learn more about TCG MEP's concrete block out & sleeve drawing services, call us at 877-600-0221 today.



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