As Built Drawings - Reality On Paper

The final product of any MEP installation rarely mirrors the original designs. Even with the best coordination drawings, changes still tend to occur throughout the process.

TCG MEP is an industry leader in providing precise, up-to-date As Built Drawings for you and your clients at the project's conclusion.

As Builts: The Necessity of Accurate Technical Drawings

Having a set of carefully prepared as built drawings benefits you and your clients in a multitude of ways.

  • Safety - As built technical drawings are critical for preparing accurate building evacuation and fire-safety plans. They make future renovators and contractors aware of any electrical or plumbing lines that they should avoid during demolitions and remodels.
  • Future Planning - Employing technical drafting experts like TCG MEP allows for simpler remodels in the future. Our as built drawings provide architects and designers with plans that will let them know precisely what they're working with.
  • Savings - The greatest cost when hiring contractors is simply their time. Detailed as builts prevent future contractors from having to back-track and alter designs by removing the possibility of any surprises occurring after construction begins.

To learn more about the benefits of having as built drawings prepared by TCG MEP, contact us by calling 877-600-0221 today!

TCG MEP As Builts - Adding Value

Our draftsmen are unmatched in professionalism when it comes to technical drawings. But that's only a part of what we have to offer.

We combine working knowledge with a mastery of physics and the engineering to provide expertise that can always be trusted. We don't simply draw - we understand, and then create as built drawings that will communicate that understanding.

Whether you need as built drawings for your client or your own facility, TCG MEP is the team that will ensure that the right information is passed along. To learn more, call us today at 877-600-0221.



As-Built Drawings account for modifications to the original project design.

Don't let modifications to original
blueprints foil future plans for your project.
As-built drawings will show you what
exactly was built, not just what was



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