Contracted Estimating Services

The services that you provide have taken you years to master, so why would you entrust your estimating to just anyone?

TCG MEP offers Contracted Estimating Services to MEP contractors that provide accuracy, customization and a competitive advantage.

An Estimator's Time is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The ideal alternative to hiring an outside service is to build up an in-house estimating department. Unfortunately, doing so comes with a series of significant costs:

  • Full-time estimators need to be paid, even when their services aren't being used. This can add unnecessary financial strain to your operations
  • Managing your estimating team takes away time that you and your managers should be spending on prospective client meetings
  • The initial investment to create an in-house estimating team includes expenses like software, equipment, training, and more

By passing your estimating requirements to TCG MEP, you not only bypass these costs. You reap the benefits that result from the tried-and-true processes that we've developed over the years: accuracy, customization, and a competitive advantage.

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Duct Estimating & HVAC Piping Estimating

Whether your need is Duct Estimating or HVAC Piping Estimating services, we know how to keep your bids accurate and competitive:

  • We use QuoteExpress  and QuickPen software
  • Our estimating processes and software minimize the possibility of error
  • We don't simply follow the plans and specs. We protect you from large mistakes that cost you time and money

With TCG MEP, you always know that the estimates you hand over will accurately reflect the end results.

To learn more about our contracted estimating services, call us today at 877-600-0221.



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