Blueprint Digitization the Professional Way

In today's digital world, physical copies of blueprints and technical drawings are best utilized when hung on the wall. To be effectively used and preserved for future generations, it's important to consider having them converted into digital files.

TCG MEP is a leader in blueprint digitization, ensuring that your designs are replicated to pinpoint accuracy.

Why Digitize When I Have the Real Thing?

The "real thing" is quickly becoming digital files, more so than the physical copies. Digital copies of blueprints and drafts have a number of benefits:

  • Unlimited duplication
  • Information that won't decay
  • Instantaneous transfer via internet
  • Physical dimensions the size of a flash drive

Aside from these benefits, digitizing your building/system designs saves you money.

When renovations are required, it takes an engineer or architect time to transfer your blueprints into the necessary digital files.

Having your own digital copies lets you instantly send the files to your designer, saving you a fortune on inefficiently used man-hours.

To discover the many benefits of having TCG MEP digitize your blueprints, call us at 877-600-0221 today.

Why TCG MEP's Digitization Process?

It's simple - we're a step above the rest.

With today's scanning technology, there is a plethora of software claiming to simplify the process of transforming a scanned, pixelated raster image into an expanding vector image.

The problem is that software can't read a blueprint like a human. Many programs misinterpret what they read on the scanned image, thus passing on faulty information.

That's why TCG MEP does it differently.

  • Our engineers recreate your blueprint line-for-line and word-for-word from scratch
  • We make sure that anyone who reads them will know precisely what they need to

To learn more about how we set the industry standard in blueprint digitization, contact TCG MEP today or call us at 877-600-0221.



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