CAD Conversion Services

The advent of CAD and Building Information Modeling revolutionized the engineering design industry. Today, having digitized copies of your building's original plans is vital for complex MEP installations and renovations.

TCG MEP specializes in digitally reproducing your blueprints with an unrivaled level of detail and precision.


With strict attention to detail, we take your designs, scan them, and convert them line-for-line into a vector image.

We don't leave the work up to software and hope for the best - we have trained engineers who recreate your drawings by hand.

TCG MEP ensures that you always receive accurate representations of your building's designs, enabling you to:

  • Make unlimited free duplicates
  • Instantly transfer them globally
  • Store the designs on a flash drive for backup or ease of transport

To discover more of the benefits of having your plans digitized, contact TCG MEP or call us at 877-600-0221 today!

Raster Image to CAD Conversion

Have you already had your blueprints scanned?

Then take the next step by having TCG MEP convert them into intelligent CAD files. You benefit by:

  • Allowing all future designers to skip this step, saving money each time
  • Embedding key design information in the files which go beyond what can be read
  • Cleaning up any artifacts/anomalies that occurred during the scanning process

To learn more about TCG MEP's CAD Conversion service, call us today at 877-600-0221.




Blueprint and raster to CAD conversion by TCG MEP

Blueprint and Raster to CAD conversion
by TCG MEP will add a whole new
dimension of usability and efficiency to
your existing plans.



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