Mechanical Room Modeling

A successfully designed mechanical room is both functional and easy to maintain. To achieve this, it's crucial that you have the opportunity to visualize your clients' mechanical rooms before the MEP equipment is installed.

TCG MEP is an industry leader in Mechanical Room Modeling, and will ensure design perfection long before installation.

Mechanical Room Layout

Our team is compiled of draftsmen from all mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades. We excel at coordination, making TCG MEP the ideal choice when designing mechanical rooms to be:

  • Easily accessible for MEP maintenance workers
  • Expandable, positioning current equipment to require the least amount of reposition and piping when additional fixtures are installed later
  • Able to be properly maintained. By considering future breakdowns, we ensure that equipment is able to be removed and replaced with ease

We understand MEP equipment and project coordination, allowing us to create efficient systems that best serve your client.

To learn more about TCG MEP's mechanical room layout services, call us at 877-600-0221 today. Or fill out our convenient contact form.

Visualizing Your Mechanical Room

Using industry standard visualization software (BIM 360 Glue, Navisworks Manage, AutoDesk A360 etc.), we allow you to see the precise layout of the finished mechanical room as though you are there.

  • You're able to make equipment positioning changes and decisions before placing any final fabrication orders.
  • We save you time and money by reducing waste and eliminating backtracking.
  • We even provide fly through videos that add realism to the entire experience.

To learn more about how we help you create the ideal mechanical room for your client's needs, call TCG MEP at 877-600-0221 today.



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