Equipment Modeling - Leave Nothing to Chance

When you choose to save your MEP installation time and money through coordination drawing services, the primary goals are:

  • Saving on installation costs by showing workers what goes where and how
  • Reducing the likelihood of collisions between various trades
  • Creating a visualization that reveals potential issues before the install begins

To achieve these goals, your building information model must be accurate to fractions of an inch, which means having 3D models of all individual components that are being installed.

TCG MEP offers expert solutions for 3D equipment modeling requirements. We show you exactly what the installation will look like at project completion.

What is 3D Equipment Modeling?

While many MEP equipment manufacturers try to supply component 3D multiview drawings, this isn't always the case. This can occur when:

  • The equipment is preexisting, installed prior to when 3D modeling was a necessity
  • The equipment purchased is no longer produced or supported by the manufacturer
  • The equipment was custom-designed or altered to fit the needs of the space

For these instances, TCG MEP creates detailed and intelligent 3D models that will complete the final BIM model. No more guessing whether your equipment will be properly coordinated to fit the space.

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Multiview Drawings - Not Just About Appearance

Professional equipment modeling isn't simply about creating 3D multiview drawings from a component's exterior dimensions. We create models that intelligently reflect the subject matter.

With our technicians' working knowledge of every MEP trade, we incorporate the specs of the equipment into our models.

This allows us to make recommendations on equipment positioning for your project. We also can account for variables in system design that go beyond the visuals.

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