3D Modeling Services

The ability to visualize a finished MEP installation can greatly aid in successfully completing a building.

Interacting with a three-dimensional space can show you and your clients things in a way that 2D drawings simply cannot.

TCG MEP provides 3D modeling services that emphasize realism and detail. With us, you feel as if you're standing there in the finished room, long before construction begins.

Mechanical Room Modeling

Designing a mechanical room can be likened to a larger-than-life jigsaw puzzle, with much more than a few puzzle pieces lying on the floor.

  • From the physics of material transfer to ease-of-maintenance, there are many hidden factors to consider when laying out a mechanical room. Above all else is the space's functionality.
  • It needs to work for those who will be using it. TCG MEP helps you get a firm understanding of how well your mechanical space will look before it is installed.

With us, you see exactly what your mechanical room will look like, giving yourself, the client, and the contractors the confidence that the end product will be perfect.

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Equipment Modeling

A key part of creating realistic 3D Mechanical Room Models is to include every element of the room exactly as it will be, down to the individual pieces of equipment to be installed.

Most modern manufacturers provide 3D equipment models, but when this isn't the case, TCG MEP can help.

  • By having us create custom equipment models, you see precisely how your MEP system components will fit into the space. This allows for adjustment before the build begins.
  • We analyze the specifications to embed data into the model that go beyond the exterior dimensions.

To learn more about the true value of precise equipment modeling, call TCG MEP today at 877-600-0221 or fill out our convenient contact form.



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