TCG MEP is an industry leader in 3D BIM, CAD, CAM, and Drafting Services.

Since April of 2004, we've exemplified sound engineering with our dedication to clients from around the world who serve the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades.

One of our core beliefs here at TCG MEP is that a contractor should always spend the majority of their time doing what they do best. Following our own advice, we've taken steps to find what it is at which we truly excel.

The answer? It's our ability to diligently guide MEP contractors to success - through all of their coordination & engineering responsibilities - that sets us apart.

Our Priorities

Saving you money, providing fast and reliable services, upholding professional standards - these are the primary ideals that we're sure to represent with each client interaction.

But we also uphold ourselves to additional principles:

  • Uncompromising Safety Standards - In the end, it's the building's inhabitants that risk the most. We never cut corners when it comes to ensuring that your installation plans are up to code and prioritize user safety/comfort. When we do save you time and money, it's through honest efficiency.
  • Devotion to Detail - A 3D Model or Technical Drawing is only as good as the information it relates. TCG MEP goes the extra lengths to make sure that every service provided answers all of the right questions, every time.
  • Real-World Knowledge - MEP installations don't stay behind the drafting table, so we don't either. Our staff is built up of individuals with experiential understanding of every MEP trade.

To learn more about TCG MEP and what we have to offer you, call us today at 877-600-0221 or fill out our convenient contact form!





The Cincinnatus Group's Namesake, Emperor Cincinnatus

Our namesake, Roman Emperor
Cincinnatus, is famed for leaving public
office to become a farmer then saving
Rome from a horde of barbarians shortly
after. The Cincinnatus Group holds no
ambition higher than to respond to the
call of companies struggling in new and
chaotic markets, or whose dream is to
advance to the next level of success, and
by our efforts ensure an increase in gross
revenues. After achieving one success,
we will simply move on to help another,
and another. Is the time right for us
to help you?



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