WebEx Coordination Meetings

WebEx Meetings by Cisco are the modern upgrade to on-site coordination meetings and are being adopted by more and more forward-thinking jobsites.

TCG MEP provides WebEx meeting representation services to our clients, guiding you through the entire coordination process.

WebEx Meetings - The Benefits

While new technologies sometimes seem to create more workplace difficulties than solutions, it's hard to argue with the list of benefits that WebEx offers the job site:

  • The ability to attend meetings from your own office
  • Instant file sharing capabilities
  • Recorded meetings, ensuring that all contractors have access to critical information
  • Access to important office documents and coordination drawings, without having to haul them to a job site
  • Added schedule flexibility

To learn more about how WebEx coordination meetings will benefit you or your job site, contact us today! Or give us a call at 877-600-0221.

WebEx Coordination Meetings - Training & Representation

TCG MEP makes sure that you are well equipped with the right information when your WebEx coordination meetings take place.

  • We attend WebEx meetings with you, representing your interests and that of the project
  • We help you understand and take full advantage of the capabilities of online coordination meetings
  • We help you incorporate supplementary communication technologies, allowing you to relate helpful information to the rest of the team

By having TCG MEP by your side throughout your WebEx coordination meetings, you'll have a team that fully understands your project coordination and can help you employ the technology.

To learn more about our online coordination meeting services through Cisco's WebEx, call TCG MEP at 877-600-0221 today. Or fill out our convenient contact form.



Online meetings are the way of the future, but not everyone is well-equipped to handle them. Let TCG MEP handle your technological roadblocks.

Online meetings are the way of the
future. With TCG MEP handling your
WebEx meetings, you'll be prepared for
what's to come.



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