On-Site Coordination Meetings

It's vital that every contractor is well represented and contributing at every jobsite coordination meeting to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

When a jobsite chooses to hold standard on-site coordination meetings, rather than online WebEx Coordination Meetings, it can be difficult to be represented at every meeting.

TCG MEP represents its clients throughout their on-site meetings, making sure that the job runs smoothly and allowing you more time to focus your attention elsewhere.

How We Represent You

When managing a business, making time for meetings can be a daunting chore. Your energy is divided among countless other tasks, such as dealing with fabricators, distributors and acquiring new business.

TCG MEP provides comprehensive representation at all of your on-site coordination meetings. When TCG MEP represents you:

  • You'll know that your company's interests are in capable hands that understand
  • You'll have someone to take over if/when other obligations arise
  • You'll avoid nasty jobsite fines for missing coordination meetings

To learn more about what you can gain by having TCG MEP represent you during on-site coordination meetings, call us at 877-600-0221 today, or fill out our convenient contact form!

On Site Meetings - Why TCG MEP?

Our specialty is construction coordination, so we understand how to work with the other trades on your jobsite. When issues arise, our expertise allows us to find conflict resolutions that not only make you happy, but the other contractors as well.

TCG MEP's goal is to keep you informed. Your trade is your specialty - ours is to help you coordinate with everyone else's.

To discover more of the benefits that having TCG MEP represent you through your on-site coordination meetings, call us at 877-600-0221 today!



On-site or online, TCG has your back for coordination meetings!

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