Coordination Meetings

When you employ TCG MEP's coordination services, you're getting more than just the experts behind the drafting tables.

We make sure that our clients are fully represented and well informed throughout their jobsite coordination meetings and beyond.

Construction Coordination Representation - Why TCG MEP?

Coordination meetings are a critical part of all construction projects, no matter what the size and scope. However, they can be time consuming and require dedication in order to be effective.

Your time should be spent managing and growing your business.

TCG MEP stands behind our coordination drawing services with both our remote WebEx Meetings and On-Site Meetings. We represent our clients' interests throughout the coordination process, helping them understand how to best interact with jobsite management and other trades.

You're an expert in what you do. Let TCG MEP handle the coordination with all of the other trades. That way, you're always doing what you do best.

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Coordination Meetings - Wherever You Need Us

Every jobsite has its own coordination protocol. TCG MEP will represent you, no matter what the format.

Online WebEx Coordination Meetings: With today's technologies, many jobsites have adopted online meeting strategies that make it easier for MEP contractors to work together. TCG MEP helps you fully understand jobsite coordination, while teaching you how to use WebEx meeting technology to its full potential.

On-Site Coordination Meetings: When a jobsite opts for on-site meetings, we've still got you covered. We ensure that you always have the right documentation to present at your meetings, and we're right there beside you the entire time.

To discover more ways in which we can represent you throughout the coordination process, call us today at 877-600-0221.



Let TCG MEP represent you at your next coordination meeting, online or in person.

Let TCG MEP represent you at your next
coordination meeting; online or in
person, we have your back.



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