Duct Fabricators

Coordination Drawings

TCG MEP partners with Duct Fabricators to improve their Duct and HVAC Pipe Estimating services, that will time and money.

Mechanical Estimating

Contracted Estimating

Our Mechanical Estimating services are second to none. Our estimators have experience in the MEP field and are ready to handle your estimate quickly and accurately.

Coordination Drawings

Coordination Drawings

Our Construction Coordination drawings are designed to keep your project running smoothly and prevent clashes that cost you time and money.

3D BIM Services

3D BIM Services

3D BIM Models add a whole new level of complexity to your project before it even begins. Let us guide you to success with our BIM Management and Coordination Services.

Precision CAD, BIM & Mechanical Estimating Services

TCG MEP is the building information modeling firm that understands your needs on a deeper level. Our team is thoughtfully and painstakingly assembled from drafters and estimators from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We provide all-encompassing estimates, coordination, and drafting services to MEP contractors like yourself from all around the world.

Partnering with Duct Fabricators to Achieve Excellence

We work with duct fabricators to improve their estimating services and their bottom lines. We know you're bleeding away profits through estimating errors, and you don't have to.

At TCG MEP, we bring unparalleled precision to Duct Estimating and HVAC Pipe Estimating.

Whether you use our estimating services directly or take advantage of our training and consulting, we can save you money through achieving better, more experienced estimates.

Our services pay for themselves. Learn how on our Duct Fabricators page, or call today at 877-600-0221.

TCG MEP - Always by Your Side

Our mission is simple: emphasize precision while representing our clients through all of their BIM, CAD, and Estimating requirements. We save you significant time and money by providing countless preemptive solutions to problems before they arise.

We provide excellence in:

  • Coordination Drawings - TCG MEP's Coordination Drawings are designed to prevent problems before they arise. Our accurate and thorough approach will help to minimize the chance of your bottom line being affected.
  • 3D BIM Services - Through diligent BIM Management and Coordination Services, we do what it takes to ensure your installations go as smoothly as possible.
  • Contracted Estimating - With the right experiential knowledge and tools, we give you the most accurate estimates and material takeoffs in the industry.
  • CAD & CAM Services - We prioritize accuracy and detail in all of our Drafting Services and 3D Modeling Services. Our expertise doesn't stop at drafting and modeling; our Computer Aided Manufacture services will craft your project exactly to spec every time.
  • Consulting - With our extensive industry experience, you can rest assured you get the correct advice the first time - every time.

To learn more about the many ways working with TCG MEP benefits our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing clients, contact or call us at 877-600-0221 today!




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